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Purchase Fire Studio

A cost-effective way to create incident simulations

Effective Incident Simulation

  • Fire Studio is a professional software tool created by Digital Combustion
  • Create simulations for any incident your organisation may face and utilise the simulations to prepare for it
  • Utilise images of your site risks, incorporate sound effects, animation and other elements to create a simulated incident ideal for training personnel
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a building, oil platform, or vehicle; if it can burn, smoke, collapse, crash, leak or explode, it belongs in Fire Studio.

Upload Your Photos

Add photos from your own site.

Customize Your Simulation

Add layers of smoke, fire, hazmat, victims and more! Adjust color, speed, wind direction. Create exactly what you want within Fire Studio.

Save & Playback Your Simulation

Save and playback your simulation. Show the fire grow from small to large. Display multiple views including interiors. Integrate Fire Studio 6 into your training and testing environments.

What are the benefits of Fire Studio?

Plan Discounts Available

We offer a 10% discount on all products when you purchase a training package. This package also includes our sound files & animations.

Fire Studio Pricing

SimTrainer is an official UK reseller of Fire Studio and provides full support to those who purchase through us.
All products are a one time purchase with no subscription fees. The prices are set by Digital Combustion; please contact us for our current offers – please note that our quotes may vary depending on the exchange rate.

Fire Studio 6 (Player Edition)

Playback your custom simulations

Get your simulations to more screens at a lower cost

Used to build a multi-screen setup or Command Training Center

Fire Studio 6 (Instructor Edition)

Install on a desktop or laptop computer

Everything you need to create and playback your custom simulations

Add your own pictures to create simulations from your location.

CommLink Network Control Module

Control multiple screens of Fire Studio 6

Used in Command Training Centers or multiple fire station setups

Control 1-50 (or more) computers, laptops or iPads