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Fire Studio

Fire Studio is designed to handle a wide range of potential incidents. From buildings to industrial sites, this software empowers you to simulate fire, smoke, collapses, crashes, and other critical scenarios.

With Fire Studio, you can utilize realistic imagery of your site's risks and incorporate dynamic elements such as sound effects and animations. Craft immersive simulated incidents that serve as ideal training scenarios for your personnel.

Whether it's analysing your team's response to an incident, preparing for emergency situations, or testing safety measures and policies, Fire Studio is your comprehensive solution.

Upload your photos

Custom photos can be used to enhance realism!

Customise your simulation

Add layers of smoke, fire, hazmat, people and more!

Playback & share your simulation

Integrate Fire Studio 7 into your training and testing environments.

Benefits of Fire Studio




Preparing for potential incidents can be challenging when there are fewer actual incidents to learn from. However, utilizing live training events and computer simulations is recognized as one of the most effective methods of preparation. It allows organizations to proactively train their personnel and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Fire Studio offers you the ability to create custom simulations tailored specifically to your site's risks and requirements. By leveraging our software, you can design simulations that accurately represent the unique challenges your organization may face. This bespoke approach ensures that your training scenarios align closely with real-life situations, maximizing the relevance and effectiveness of the training.

What sets Fire Studio apart is its ability to provide a realistic and immersive training experience. By incorporating dynamic elements such as sound effects, animations, and other interactive features, the simulations engage the audience on a deeper level. This experiential learning approach enhances the effectiveness of training, as participants actively participate and learn through firsthand experiences within a simulated environment.


Fire Studio 7 Player Edition

  • Playback your custom simulations
  • Get your simulations to more screens at a lower cost
  • Used to build a multi-screen setup or Command Training Centre

Fire Studio 7 Instructor Edition

  • Everything you need to create and playback your custom simulations
  • Add your own pictures to create simulations from your location
  • Perfect as a stand-alone system for smaller departments

CommLink Network Control Module

  • Control multiple screens of Fire Studio 7
  • Used in Command Training Centers or multiple fire station setups
  • Control 1-50 (or more) computers, laptops or iPads

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System Requirements


Windows 10/11 (64bit only)

6GB+ Free Space

Minimum 2GB RAM

Intel 5th Gen CPU or higher



macOS 10.15+ (Catalina or higher)

6GB+ Free Space

Minimum 2GB RAM

Intel 5th Gen CPU or higher / Apple Silicon CPU


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