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Fire Studio Assets

SimTrainer has a wide variety of assets available to enhance simulations built in Fire Studio. We offer clip art, sound effects and animations to reflect a variety of industries and bring any simulation to life. Please contact us to view the packages we offer.

For custom made assets and simulations, please view our Sim Building Service.

Clip Art Collection

Contains people, vehicles, buildings, appliances and more!

Available as a half or full pack (~1400 pieces)

Suitable for a wide variety of scenarios

Sound Effects Library

Additional sound files to those available with the program

400+ sound files included

Includes aircraft, rail, weather, traffic and more!

Exclusive Animation Pack

Unique animations only available to SimTrainer clients

Includes people, SFX and more!

Create your own animations through our green screen workshop

Creative Photo Workshop

Fire Studio comes to life when the backgrounds are prepared in a skilled manner, to create realistic fire damage, collapsed structures, environmental effects and casualty injuries. Click here to find out more.

Green Screen Workshop

Green screen allows for scripted clips to be combined with simulations built with Fire Studio. It can be used to set the scene and give critical information from other responding agencies to add to the realism of the simulation. Click here to find out more.

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