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SimTrainer is proud to announce the unique development in 2018 of a new range of UK based video clip art for use in Digital Combustion’s Fire Studio simulation software.

We are developing a new set of full body characters and talking heads using real people and scripted injects.

We convert green screened footage into animated clip art or film green screen characters in our facility providing you with finished video clip art that works as a dca layer file in the Fire Studio program.

Our aim is to produce a generic library of characters to reduce the cost to organisations who want to increase the interactive elements of the Incident Command training but do not want to invest in video equipment for green screen, so you can buy what you need off the shelf, the video clip art compliments our clip art library and sound file libraries that are currently available. We will be continuing on client sites in 2018 designing scripted injects and filming the green screen elements of simulations, then blending the footage with the screens of simulations designed on Fire Studio 5 or Fire Studio 6 to set the scene of exercises for staff at the client site.

This adds a level of realism to assessments and engages students and assessment candidates alike.

We have a library of generic Fire Studio simulations available to buy ready to import and run on any computer that has either Fire Studio instructor or player installed.

The library has simulations in categories covering:

  • High Rise
  • Rail
  • Collapse
  • Chemicals
  • RTC & Heavy Goods
  • Flood & Water Incidents

Hazards and risks presented in the simulations are based on the national generic risk assessments to provide a concise yet comprehensive way of exercising against the GRA’s.

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Author John Lord

Managing Director of SimTrainer UK.

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